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LUUN™ SpaHat Sauna

LUUN™ SpaHat Sauna

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The perfect headwear for heated Sauna

A dramatic improvement over a traditional felt sauna-hat, our SpaHat Sauna model is designed to protect the head during sauna sessions, perfectly insulating the scalp from the heat of the sauna, while providing breathability for terrific comfort. Thanks to its unique shape, special fabric, and carefully sewn edges, the SpaHat Sauna keeps your head at a normal temperature despite the heat – which significantly increases comfort.

As with our classic SpaHat, each SpaHat is hand-crafted to exacting specifications in northern Sweden, and comes in a wooden box, along with a certificate of authenticity.

Unisex, and machine-washable, the Sauna SpaHat is available in both larger and smaller sizes (please see the store for exact head sizes), and multiple colors – Black, Red, and White.
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