• Why Wear a SpaHat?

    The human head is constructed in a very different way from most of the human body. Unlike most of the human form, the head is not protected by fatty tissue – the scalp separates hair from bone with only a thin layer of connecting tissue.

    This means the most intense temperatures are felt stronger here than almost anywhere else.  The scalp also has almost three times as many capillaries as the rest of the body – which makes a big difference in extreme cold and heat. Not only do you lose heat quickly through your head, but it can either overheat, or freeze, very quickly.

  • Hot Tub Benefits

    Most people use hot tubs more frequently in the winter-time, where the balance of cold air and hot water is highly relaxing. Unfortunately, the combination of cold winter wind, freezing steam, and icy temperatures and combine to freeze hair, and reduce hot tub session time to only a brief period.

    The LUUN™ SpaHat is highly effective in protecting against cranial heat loss and wet hair, as well as protecting longer hair (especially for women). The specially-crafted SpaHat design and material locks heat in, but allows moisture to escape – normalizing head temperature, while keeping your head dry.

  • Sauna Benefits

    The SpaHat can also be used in the Sauna, where it protects the head from the waves of heat in both wet and dry saunas, normalizing scalp temperature, and reducing scalp perspiration.

    Regardless of where you wear your LUUN SpaHat, the net effect is a better experience, and more relaxation

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