Ready to add LUUN™ Products to your Spa, Studio, or Retail shop?

If you’re a representative of a multi-brand retail shop, spa/sauna retailer, or hotel spa, and are interested in becoming a LUUN Retail partner, please reach out to us, as we’d be thrilled to discuss with you.

For Spa and Sauna dealers, LUUN SpaHats provide a unique element of cachet to the sales cycle, and are perfectly suited as a free “add in” to help close a sale.

For Hotel Spas, LUUN Spahats provide a terrific extra element of clothing that helps improve and extend the spa experience.

For Retail shops, LUUN products provide a unique, branded set of new products that deliver a strong element of European culture into a category otherwise dominated by brandless clothes.

We look forward to working with you to understand how we can support you and help grow your business!

Please send an email with company details and we'll be in touch soon. Please note that resellers based in the European Union must provide a valid VAT number for purchases.