Introducing the LUUN SpaHat

An unique solution for outdoor winter spa & hot tub

The LUUN™ SpaHat is a new kind of headwear designed specifically for hot tubs & whirlpools. Based on a centuries-old Nordic design, the SpaHat locks heat in, and keeps wind and moisture out, and allow for comfortable, longer hot tub sessions.

The basic LUUN shape was inspired by the Viking caps of old: typically crafted in a rounded style, with four or more interlocked triangular pieces sewn together for warmth, and worn under metal helmets. To this ancient design, we've added adjustments from years of research and trials - resulting in a classic but highly-functional hat that really improves outdoor and indoor wellness experiences.

Made with care in Sweden

Each SpaHat is made to exacting specifications in northern Sweden, using only European-sourced materials. To achieve a combination of breathability, water-repellence, and extreme comfort, we use a layered design that combines a specially-designed outside wool-blend layer with an insulating interior layer. The result is a comfortable, easy-sitting hat that can be worn for hours.

Thanks to its unique shape and special fabric, the hat locks moisture out, and keeps heat in – as well as providing terrific protection against cold winter winds. LUUN was developed and tested for several years in the most extreme Nordic conditions - and is proven to maintain a comfortable head temperature even in sub-zero temperatures

Specs & Sizes

Unisex, and machine-washable, the SpaHat is available in both larger and smaller sizes (please see the store for exact head sizes). Both water-repellent and quick-drying, each LUUN is light, strong, and and extremely comfortable to wear.

Heightening the enjoyment of time away from everyday life, LUUN is the perfect complement for a hot tub or whirlpool experience!